Tuesday, April 17, 2012

For People Who Would Rather See the Vampire Human Romance, Instead of the Mass Slayage.

True Blood is one of the raciest, sexiest, shows on television. And that's what makes people come back.
Imagine if you could read a comic that tied in with the show?
Well, very soon, you will be able to. 
The True Blood Ongoing Comic #1 will be released on May 30, 2012 (just around the time that the show will premiere, hmm, imagine that....) 
True Blood Ongoing #2 will be released on June 27, 2012. 
Pre Order
True Blood Ongoing #1 - If you want to subscribe, the just click the Add to Subscriptions Link under the Pre-Order button!
True Blood Ongoing #2 - Good news to fans of Sookie and Eric! Eric was featured on both of the new comics, so he may be coming to the front lines of the show! AKA Eric and Sookie romance time!

If you like True Blood, have you read the already released graphic novels?
Pre Order:
True Blood The French Quarter (Vol. 3) - April 11, 2012 (if you are confused, it's because they extend the pre-order deadline past the release date)

The show returns on June 10, 2012 on HBO.
*This show features extended nudity, harsh langauge, and extreme violence. I personally could care less what my kids watch, but if you feel strongly about that type of thing, make sure they aren't there when you are going to watch it. 

Check out the books that inspired the show and comic!
(The novels are WAYYY less graphic when it comes to sex.)


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