Monday, April 23, 2012

Micheal Turner's Fathom

Aspen Comics loves Micheal Turner. And it seems that Micheal Turner loves Aspen Comics as well. I have started reading Fathom Vol. 2, and realized that I (it should have been obvious) should read Vol. 1 first. (DUH!) Well, I don't know of any place I can get the collected volumes locally (I'll have to check with my comics shop.) I already own Vol. 2 - #0, #1, and Fathom Beginnings. All of the sketches for these books were done by my aquaintance, Koi Turnbull who happens to be a master at what he does. At the Lubbock Comic Book Expo, I bought a unique, one of kind Muppets themed super hero sketch from him and got it signed. He also signed my Fathom comics. I was just a little in awe of his work, and can't wait to buy more. I really look up to him, and if you see any books with the name Koi Turnbull on it, definitely pick it up, buy it, read it, and go back for some more. I also met some other people at the comic book expo that I will be sharing in some later posts.

Have you seen Koi Turnbull's work before?
If so, how did you like it compared to other artists?
Have you read Fathom?
Does it interest you?
If you are just finding out about Fathom, are you considering reading it? Why or why not?
Give me your two cents and I will pay you back twofold.
Thank you for reading, ladies and gentlemen.
I would like to thank the academy...
Nah, just kidding.
Talk to you soon, I hope!


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