Monday, April 16, 2012

Justice League #4 Goes Back to Print!!

According to the DC Comics Blog (the official blog of DC Comics) Justice League #4 has been sent back to print for it's 3rd printing. Fans of the Justice League that didn't get their hands on an earlier printing of Justice League #4 will be happy to know that they can buy a copy at their comic shop on May 16. To read the original blog post, click on this link. Justice League #4 was written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Jim Lee.

Click the links below to purchase:
Justice League #1 Seventh Printing
Justice League #2 First Printing (Backorder)
Justice League #3 First Printing (Backorder)
Justice League #4 Combo Pack (Also get a code for a Digital Download!)
Justice League #5 Second Printing (Backorder)
Justice League #6 First Printing
Justice League #7 First Printing
Click the links below to pre order:
Justice League #8
Justice League #8 Variant Cover
Justice League #9

Please comment and let me know what your favorite issue is so far!

I have questions that need answering!

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6.If you would like to publish a review of any of the Justice League comics from The New 52
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